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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today's Featured Artisan is Mel Harding of Inky Doodle Crafts

Featured Artist

Inky Doodle Crafts

Inky Doodle Crafts

Today's Featured Artist is Inky Doodle Crafts! You will find delightful, greeting cards, birthday cards and more in this Etsy Shop! Inky Doodle Crafts is a proud member of On Fire for Handmade and Jelly Park ! We are thrilled to have them on board!

You can find Inky Doodle Crafts on: Etsy  Blog  Facebook

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She has the cutest cards! Anyone would be thrilled to receive one!

Friday, April 26, 2013

One of those days

It's Friday - I should be happy. My boyfriend will be home for the weekend, my son has tball, good times ahead.


This has been one of THOSE days!

One of the first things I do each morning is get coffee. I am not ashamed to say I am a HUGE coffee addict. :) I spilled my coffee this morning while pouring and picking up my cup. I should have known then and gone back to bed.

While getting dressed, my bra straps snapped off and were non repairable. While, the bra was old, I did not see that coming.

I also notice that my glasses frames are cracked in 2 places. HUGE bummer as it's my 2nd pair to crack in 2 days. Thank heavens for Zenni Optical.

I was getting dressed for yard work, so I was putting on my workout pants. Who wants to mow the lawn in nice clothes? :) My pants ripped out in the crotch. YIKES! Can you say, glad I was inside and not out???

While mowing the yard I mowed over a root, which I do often. The lawn mower stalled. While attempting to start it again, smoke started billowing out and sparks started flying. My son was kind enough to point out the gas was pouring out of the tank. We quickly put the lawn mower somewhere safe. I went to borrow the in laws, as they live 5 houses away, and I can't start it to finish. The lawn is not meant to be mowed by me today.

Now, I have been known to be somewhat of a fire starter, unintentional of course. I have blown up my fair share of microwaves. I have been doing really well on not starting anything lately. Today though, while trying to multi task, I microwaved a silver spoon. Luckily, it was noticed before any real damage was done.

My son got a lesson on NOT microwaving metal. :)

Luckily the day is almost over and my boyfriend will be home soon. I am definitely not cooking tonight. This day needs to be DONE! :)

Hope you all got a chuckle. Tomorrow this will be cracking me up!

Happy weekend all!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sourdough starter

I have nevertheless sourdough starter before. Thanks to Pinterest, you can find how to do anything.

So today I decided to make sourdough starter. We love out bread and it will be a good learning experience for my son!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Exciting new things

I have been working very hard at trying to promote my business and become more active in the community.

I will be selling at a bakers farmers market on May 4th. I am very excited and hopeful that it will be a good thing and bring more momentum to my business.

I have also joined up to help start a food co op in my community. While, I am still learning about the co op business, I am so excited to be a part of this. I am meeting great new people and finding ways to help out in the community.

I am off to do my vision survey for the next meeting. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Edible markers

With my wedding and my sons birthday, I thought baking might be easier with these edible markers.

They are ok. They do not work well in chocolate. They were good on frosting though. Not all of them worked which was a bummer. A few of the pens were dry out of the package.

I would buy them again, but not at $15.00.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cottage Bakers Market

I am SUPER excited to have been invited to this event. A farmers market for food people! I have been checking out the other vendors and everything looks SO AMAZING!!! I just hope to come home without a ton of goodies. It's going to be really hard.
The event is May 4th and 11th. I am only participating one day. I am struggling to decide what flavors to bring. I have it narrowed down a bit. :)
There will be a ton of FANTASTIC gift ideas for Mothers Day. Come on out and bring your friends!!!
Check out the links below for more info!

Featured Artist Thunder Rose Leather

Thunder Rose Leather Featured Artisans

This weeks Featured Artisans are Debbie and John of Thunder Rose Leather. You will find original quality made leather accessories! Handbags, clutches, baby moccasins, medicine bags and more!

You can find Thunder Rose Leather on:
Handmade Artists

Some super cute stuff! Go look!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting into Weddings

I just wanted to share a link with you all. I am working hard on getting into the wedding world.

Here is a step in the right direction!!!

More to come later!

Happy Monday All!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Being a SAHM

Since my part time work has dwindled so much, I am pretty much at home working on my own business.

What do stay at home parents do when they are sick? Who feeds the kid? Who cleans up? I would imagine as is the case with me, I still do it. :)

That then makes me question why are all these kids (I can say that, I am over 40 :) ) still working when they stay home for the smallest thing? A headache, a sore tummy.

I am not saying go to work if you are full on flu sick or anything. I am  just saying, life doesn't stop just because.

Ok- rant over. You may go about your business. :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Featured Artisan Creations by Moonlight

A great Artisan! Be sure to go and check out the amazing finds!

Featured Artisan Creations by Moonlight

Today's Featured Artisan for Share the Love Blogger's Unite is Alluryn Daugherty of Creations by Moonlight. You will find Unique, Handcrafted Treasures in her  Etsy shop!
They will  Inspire, Adorn and Honor the Goddess in every woman.Visit her Website and check out some Free Treasures ~ Including my lastes eBook "Sparkling Goddess Series" ~

Creations by MoonlightFind Creations by Moonlight On:

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