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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Working with Cookiepreneur

I recently had the pleasure of working with Aymee Vandyke, who is Cookiepreneur. She is also the Wacky Cookie Co lady! :) I had admired her shops for quite sometime. She was successful and her products are amazing. So when she had a consultation giveaway, I immediately entered!  I will be forever thankful and grateful that I did!

I had NO clue what a business consultation was, or what any of the other services really were. I just thought "Hey, this has to be good and helpful"

I was extremely excited and nervous. This successful business woman was going to analyze my business. I am just a stay at home mom who loves being in the kitchen with NO background at all in running a business. (I do have common sense. :) ) I was SO scared she was going to tell me I had it all wrong and that I had no business doing this!


My first phone interview with Aymee was like visiting with a close friend. She asked about my candy shop, what my goals were, and she was able to get a handle on where I was and where I needed to go from there.

Once we had the information gathering out of the way, it was down to business. She gave me homework to do and gave me so much guidance on how to move forward and to grow my business into what I want. Aymee was always positive with feedback and never once made me feel bad or like I was completely failing. She was always supportive and uplifting!!

Aymee and I had 4 phone meetings in all. My beginning skepticism was gone after that first phone call as she helped me find the confidence and focus to move forward, along with several pointers on how to change my business to become the success I want it to be. My business is changing from the stay at home mom start up to a professional competitor.

I can not recommend this service enough to women starting out! Aymee is a real person who wants to help you grow your business and yourself. She has made mistakes just as anyone will and is willing to share so you can learn from her mistakes and hopefully avoid your own.  She is just amazing! I can't imagine where I would be had I had this experience in the early stage of my business. 

Ladies if you are need someone to help and guide you - this is the right woman for the job!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mrs Plops Shoppe Featured Artisan

Mrs Plops


Mrs. Plops Shoppe

Featured Artist Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite

Catherine Lane of Mrs Plops Shoppe is This Weeks Featured Artist on Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite You will find Needle felted miniature animals. Inspired by a great love for all animals in her Etsy Shop!. 30% of all sales go directly to The Charity Album for Death Row Dogs. Supporting Pound Dog rescues in the UK Catherine is a member of the On Fire Team and Group and we are thrilled to have her! Her tiny creatures tug at your heart strings! You can see the love that goes in to each character and they are so life like too!  

Her shop is just full of supper cute items!!! <3

Find Mrs. Plops Shoppe on:
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