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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Facebook giveaway winner!

Hi all! I can't post a comment on my own blog, so here is the winning announcement! The number my son picked was 209!

Thank you all for playing!!

On a side note.....made mojito flavored caramels tonight. Will see how they turned out in the morning! Can't wait. Used fresh mint from my garden!!

Night all!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Facebook fan giveaway!

Ok everyone - I reached 200 fans on facebook so it's giveaway time! The prize is the yummy sampler pictured. At 12 o'clock is chocolate chili-moving clockwise, Raspberry habanero, caramel brownie, blackberry basil, strawberry shortcake.
Post a number between 1 and 211 (my current fan count) and on Tuesday my step son will pick a number around 8pm pacific time. You can post you number here or on my facebook wall.  :)
All flavors were tested and approved. :)

Happy number picking!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sun yesterday rain today

Since it was so nice yesterday, I spent all day outside playing.
The rain came back today and so I spent alot of time in the kitchen having fun making caramel. I made 5 new flavors. I am SO excited for the SamplerVillage boxes next month! I also have a baseball party I am making candy for as well. I am having fun doing new flavors and soon I am going to start experiment with the Marshmallows!!

Tomorrow I will post the facebook fan giveaway!!!! YAY!

Friday, May 20, 2011

keep moving forward

So, while I have been frustrated with the lack of orders, I have been busy thinking of new ways to improve and gain orders.

I have obtained my business license and am looking forward to selling at craft fairs and perhaps farmers markets. The farmers markets are hard to get into around here. One city has you go bfore a jury or something like it. CRAZY!!!

I will be spending the weekend making new flavors and working on party favors. I am excited about using a lot of the new techniques I have learned. I will post pictures as they are ready.

Good night all.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have been feeling alittle frustrated this week. I thought I would be doing better with my candy store. I have fun flavors, along with all the expected ones. But my sales have just stopped. I have been doing facebook, tweeting, and sampler teams. I am getting the name out there, but just not much happening sale wise.

I have applied for a business license and plan on starting a website for wedding favors. I have some great ideas. That is in the works though. I would like to get the Etsy store going more.

I missed alot of the summer festivals. I was not aware you needed to apply a year in advance, plus, I am just getting a license. :) hopefully I can catch the Christmas season ones.

Not sure what to do next........blah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

candy class part 2

I have been a little slow in blogging lately.  We got a new puppy and with classes I have been alittle preoccupied.

This past candy class was fun! The first night we made fondant and taffy. The fondant turned out to be way easier then I thought. The kind you cook was more complicated, but still pretty easy. Fondant is pretty versatile. I am anxious to make flavored fondant for chocolate creams.

The taffy was a whole other thing. (picture above) I did something wrong to it. I added too much color and didn't cook it long enough. It didn't turn to taffy. I pulled for 30 minutes. My cooking partners pulled for longer. It tasted good though! I did learn that if I want a bright color, I need to cook it longer.

The next class, I taught. I taught how to make marshmallows. I was nervous, but it went well. Everyone had fun making them and they turned out YUMMY!!! We dipped them in chocolate at the last class.

We also did seafoam and marzipan. I am not a fan of the seafoam but I do like marzipan. It can be used like fondant and is popular for baking.

All in all a good experience. I am glad I took both classes.