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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

candy class part 2

I have been a little slow in blogging lately.  We got a new puppy and with classes I have been alittle preoccupied.

This past candy class was fun! The first night we made fondant and taffy. The fondant turned out to be way easier then I thought. The kind you cook was more complicated, but still pretty easy. Fondant is pretty versatile. I am anxious to make flavored fondant for chocolate creams.

The taffy was a whole other thing. (picture above) I did something wrong to it. I added too much color and didn't cook it long enough. It didn't turn to taffy. I pulled for 30 minutes. My cooking partners pulled for longer. It tasted good though! I did learn that if I want a bright color, I need to cook it longer.

The next class, I taught. I taught how to make marshmallows. I was nervous, but it went well. Everyone had fun making them and they turned out YUMMY!!! We dipped them in chocolate at the last class.

We also did seafoam and marzipan. I am not a fan of the seafoam but I do like marzipan. It can be used like fondant and is popular for baking.

All in all a good experience. I am glad I took both classes.

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