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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my garden

As fall creeps in, my garden showing the fruits, or should I say veggies of my labor. :) This has been the best year for my garden yet. My son and I have had a wonderful time picking veggies for dinner and snacking. We even got squash this year, which is pretty exciting. I love squash. There are also cucumbers, which I will be making pickles out of! I hope they come out. I did loose my Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. I am SO SO bummed about the Brussels sprouts. Stupid mice in the wood pile!

We planted a rosemary hedge for the 3rd year. They are doing fantastic so far. They have grown quite a bit. I am also prepared for winter. I am determined to not loose them to the snow and ice! The hedge smells wonderful! I am excited for it to get large.

I also planted a shade garden with came out nicely as well. The yard has been really nice and beautiful this year! I will post pictures later!

September Post

I just noticed it's been a long time since i have posted. Alot has been going on.

My son started pre school. He and I both love it. It was a little hard the first week, but now, we relish the time apart. It is only a few hours after all.

I have committed to a bazaar and decided to do 2 this season to see how it goes. There is SO much I didn't consider. I didn't even think of bags and change. Thank heavens for my etsy team. They have given me alot of helpful tips.

I am also working on more flavors for the holiday. I am still trying to work chocolate into my shop and my treats. I have decided to attempt to make some new candies bark style. I think it will be easy and yummy!!!! I am going to premier them at the bazaar. Of course, I am testing them on my family. :)

I am also doing caramel apples for a birthday party. I am excited for that as well.

The holidays are upon us and I am hoping to build my business this season!