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Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate class

In hopes of expanding my candy store listings, I signed up for a week long chocolate candy class at the local college. I was very excited for it. The head candy maker at a very popular and local chocolate company taught the class.

The first night, we learned about all the different chocolates. I was a little surprised to learn white chocolate isn't really chocolate, but mostly cocoa butter.

I also learned how to temper chocolate properly, something I was doing terribly wrong. That became more and more apparently as the class went on.

Monte taught us how to flavor chocolate to make counter truffles, which we did not try. We also used out tempered chocolate to make clusters.
The 2nd night we did ganaches. That was an eye opener as well. I had the general idea, but my execution was lacking when I had tried on my own. we also got to try our hands at dipping truffles a little bit. I was so happy that I took this class. I learned what my previous mistakes were and how to correct them. The last night we dipped truffles and worked on molding, something I have done previously. (Thank you groupon)

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