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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Experiments in Candy

So, I have another Holiday show coming up and I have been playing around with things to expand my variety.

I have come up with a yummy rice cereal bar, all kinds of yummy things in it. I have also created a caramel blondie style bar. I am excited to see how these do. There will be another caramel style booth there that day.

I have also been considering jumping on the pie bandwagon with mini caramel/marshmallow pies. I am working on staying true to my basic theme, at least until I get my own shop. :)

My pie experiment was an Apple Chocolate Caramel En Croute. I also did a caramel pear. I have not yet tried them, but will later today. The crust didn't stay on very well, next time I will have to fix that.

I have at least 2 new things to add to my booth. I am still deciding which candies to take. I am not planning on taking as many flavors this time. I came back with quite a bit. I am making more chocolate covered items though. Those sold out quickly last time. :)

Stayed tuned....

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!!

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