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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Need a jump start

It feels like the business has flat lined alittle. I tried to get it going with some valentines candy. That didn't seem to work. The candy didn't even get picked to be featured. I was alittle bummed about that. Now, I am working on some spring/Easter stuff to see if that will help.

I was able to post a new listing yesterday for a layered candy. We will see how that goes. I might have to lower the price a little. That seems to be an issue. Handmade stuff is more expensive then the big company stuff. It's better of course, but pricey. :)

I have offered sales, but they seem to go un noticed. I am going to start looking a better ways to promote the business. I am going to be in the sample village boxes In April and May. I hope that helps.

Feeling a little blah about it all. :) Off to do some chocolate work. Hopefully will have some good pics later!

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