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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Preparing for the new year.

I survived the Christmas hustle and bustle. Let me tell you, with a 4yo, that wasn't an easy thing. I learned alot on how to proceed with the holidays next year. I am just glad it's over and the kids are happy,more importantly.....QUIETER. :)

In the mist of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I neglected to do anything special in my shops but offer seasonal flavors. I think that is a mistake I will change next year.

For Valentines Day, I will be offering a special box of candies made specifically for the holiday. I have had a blast looking online to see what specific flavors/fruits/herbs etc are suppose to mean/help your body with. I have a test list of flavors combos. I am planning on playing around with before I start sharing.

I will share the choices of box names though -

Guilty Pleasures
Erotic Indulgences (I like this one the best, but I am afraid it will put too many people off. Thoughts???)

I am thinking of doing a chocolate Guinness for St. Patty's day. Caramel and Marshmallow -YUM

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Be safe and have FUN!

Talk to you in the new year. I will have pictures soon!

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