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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sugar Eggs

Easter is almost here. My son is very excited. Since we have alot of time (I lost my part time job. :( ) We decided to try to make sugar eggs. One of the shops on Craft Cafe had some amazing ones and the tutorials didn't look all that complicated.

We made our sugar and started packing into the mold. Eris used the silicon and I had the hard plastic

He did a great job!

(Yes, we did this in our Pj's - don't judge. :) )

Silicon molds are NOT good for this project!

This is how is Eggs turned out.

And of course we have to make some kind of train with every project......

That didn't turn out much better.

I am not very sure what that mold is good for. I tried cake in it and that fell apart also.

I am not a fan of this mold. It doesn't seem to work well. I must need to buy the expensive metal ones.

The plastic molds I used came out much better. We won't be able to fill them with goodies, but we can decorate them!

These are egg halves. Sorry about the shadow.

These didn't come out so well. They were suppose to have some flower detail that didn't show up.
I though I would try my wedding favor mold with this and see how it went. That what these are.

All in all, we had fun. We do need more practice and better molds!

We will post pics after we decorate them. That should be MESSY!

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