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Friday, June 17, 2011

Candy and then some.

My step son has completed his season in regular league. The end of the season BBQ was very fun. I made a TON of caramels and marshmallows for the BBQ. They seemed to be a big hit! I also made some special marshmallows just for the kids on the team. :)

I also tried my hand at cakeballs again. They came out a little better this time. I think I" am using too much icing to mix the cake with. They came out ALOT" better then last time.

I also sold an order of cupcakes. I was finally able to test out my icing kit. It was way easier then the last time I attempted to pipe frosting.

My herb garden is doing quite well. I should be able to make some fresh herb caramels soon. I am looking forward to that. I have several types of mint I am anxious to use. I would also like to use fresh rosemary and lavender. The garden is doing very well this year. Far better then the past 2 years. I have already gotten some radishes.

I was given a Popsicle maker. The kids and I have been playing around with making different Popsicles flavors. We made chocolate brownie, strawberry banana, and chocolate strawberry! They are yummy and easy to make.

Off to get some work done. Until next time!!

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