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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Featured Product

Well, I realize I haven't been very good about my blog. :) I am not good about keeping up with it and sometimes my posts are less then stellar. :)

There are SO many blogs out there and so many things they talk about. It's just amazing.

I am going to try and talk about my products in between other things. Hopefully that will help keep things going. LOL

Since it is almost Valentines day, I am going to start off with my gift box I created just for Valentines day.

(I do no know why I can not get that picture to load the right way. I have tried on 3 different sites.)

I did research on the Internet to come up with some very romantic flavors. I also waned to offer something a little different and interesting, rather then the same old boring chocolates.Which, may in fact bite me in the butt.

I am including a traditional brownie truffle. I didn't want to totally ignore the chocolate factor.

I had alot of fun putting together flavors. Matching up the herbs and fruits to compliment each other in flavors and supposed meanings. :) Naming was harder. I don't feel like that is my strong suit. So, the candy names maybe alittle CORNY!

you can check out the full listings at either one of my shops -

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