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Monday, October 28, 2013

Sampler Village Harvest Sampler

As some of you know, I am a long time member of SamplerVillage.

The Village is an amazing place to get to know fellow business women and stay in touch with clients, future and current. It's such a happy place!!

I participated in the Harvest Sampler. Since I sent in 100 samples, Traci sent me a sampler. :) YAY!!!! I want to share with you all, all the awesomeness that comes in a sampler. :) IT is SO much fun to try the samples from all the shops!

This is the WHOLE thing :) So many fabulous items!!!

I lost this to my son, first thing. He did let me try a piece - SO YUMMY!! The flavor is just perfect!

There we some very cool jewelry type items, that my kid took as well. Apparently he thinks he's hot stuff and has a girl to give the flower and ring too. :)
The face scrubber shown is fabulous!! I love it! Much better feeling then a cloth!
Some wonderful smelling soap that I can not wait to try.
The Curious Cupcake has keychains in the sampler! I just LOVE those ladies!!!
Lip balm from Aqua blossom - we LOVE to try all the lip balms. So many great flavors. We have tried some from a few shops. Not sure what our fav is yet. I think we will decide after it gets colder here. :)

There are also a several melts. They all smell great. I have yet to try any, as I have not yet gotten a melter. :) I will let you all know as soon as I do.

I can not express how amazing these samplers are. My son and I have such a great time opening the box and going through all the goodies. :)

If you haven't tried a sampler from The Village yet, you need to!!!!


  1. Love Traci! Love The Sticky Wrapper and so many talented Villagers! Will share this !

  2. So glad you are enjoying your sampler Sara! We love having you in the Village!! xoxo