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Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Years Eve

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to start planning your New Years Eve. Our house hold likes to have Chinese food and watch old movies. This year is Elvis.

A staple of the holiday is champagne.

Pear Rosemary Champagne Spritzer Gourmet Lollipops-  Pick Your Size  - Christmas Gift -  Holiday Candy - Gourmet Candy

Lollipops are a super yummy treat. These are found at

Fondant New Year's Cupcake Toppers- Wine Glass, Champagne Bottle, New Year's Logo, Count Down Clock, New Year's Party Hat, 2014 Topper

These cute toppers are found at -

Champagne & Berries Organic Gourmet Green Tea x 20 Tea Bags Bonus Free Samples

Tea is always a yummy treat! you can find this at -

Champagne Truffles

Who can resist chocolate? Find these at -

VACATION SALE Julie's Fudge - STRAWBERRY Champagne - 12 Pieces (1lb)

And there is fudge -Oh YUM! This is from

Sea Glass Candy - Champagne Cocktail Flavor - C109

This is one of my favorite kinds of candy -

Orange Flavored Sugar Cubes for Tea Parties, Champagne Toasts, Favors, Coffee, Tea, Berries, Cider, Lemonade

This is such a wonderful idea! I want to try it in my champagne!
Get these at -

Raspberry Champagne - Cocktail Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a wonderful thing!!!! These are from

These look amazing! I want to lick my screen!
Get them at -

Pink Champagne Cupcakes (1 dozen)

More beautiful cupcakes! These are too pretty to leave out!

Pink Champagne Cake Truffle

White truffles - yum! These are from -

Ok- all this talk of champagne makes me want a little something. :) See you all later!

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