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Friday, February 28, 2014

Apples Apples Apples

Since I am from Washington State, and we are the Apple state, I decided to do a post all about apples!

When you think of apples, one of the first things that comes to mind is .... Apple Pie

Mini Apple Pies, Gourmet Mini Fruit Pie in the Jar, Edible Gift Basket - 3 pcs

Who doesn't love a good sucker? Apple does make dessert better.

Candy Apple Lollipops 1/2 dozen

The newest treat is the caramellow and on an apple - YUM!

Minnies Bow-Tique Caramel and Chocolate Apples

These look like a yummy and healthy snack!

Dried Apples ( 1/2 lb)

Cookies are one of my favorite foods! These are adorable!!

Mini Apple cookies Teacher gift

These are SUPER cute! I might not be able to eat them:)

Apple Sugar Cookies - 1 Dozen

This shop even has Apple in the name. What amazing apples!

Coconut Chocolate Covered Apples - 2

I just love how pretty these apples are and her flavors are incredible!

Strawberry Kissed Caramel Apple

And of course Apples are good savory as well!

Oh my YES PLEASE! Doughnuts!!! These come highly recommended,

Real Vermont apple cider spice donut

Ok-I think that's good for now. I am craving apples. :)

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