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Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Nutty Valentine

I recently ordered nuts from a friend of mine. She has inspired this post. Her praline pecans were to die for!! Very addicting!!!

Ok- these are not what I ordered this time, but I had them at Christmas and they are SO good!!

Rosemary Spice Cashews

I don't normal post 2 items from one shop, but I have to share these - they are completely ADDICTING!!!

Praline Pecans

I love all nut butters!!! They do nothing to help my diet, but they are one of my favorite ways to eat nuts!
8 oz. natural homemade Cinnamon PECAN NUT BUTTER - Raw Vegan Paleo Gluten-free Snacks IngrEATients
Another amazingly wonderful way to eat nuts is brittle!

Brittle, Mixed nut 1Lb container hand made, Wedding favors, birthdays, Party Favors

Who doesn't like a little spice now and then? These look fantastic!!

2/8/14 - I would like to add that I have just tried these. They ARE fanbulous and REALLY REALLY spicy!!! We just LOVE them!!!

Fire Roasted & Infused Habanero Hot Nuts

What a yummy and good snack!

Banana Nut Bread Gourmet Granola -  all natural & vegan by - oats, pecans, walnuts, bananas 12 oz. bag

Nuts and fruit is wonderful combo!!

Smokey is good too! I love nuts!

Hickory & Apple Wood Smoked Macadamia Nuts 6oz Gourmet Smoked Macadamia Nuts Unique Gift

I love this packaging and her labels. Plus her product looks scrumptious!

JUST DESSERTS all natural roasted nuts (4 oz. pouch)

I have to go make peanut butter cookies, which won't help my diet, but now I am craving nuts!!!

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