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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Beginning

This is how my candy store became reality.

When I was laid off of my job in November 2010, I was looking forward to working on projects around the house, doing charity work, and having TONS of time with my 2 year old.

This was a good plan for a few weeks, until I realized I needed to do something to help bring in some money.

I had been crocheting, scrap booking, quilting, cooking, and chasing my kid around. Having the time to cook and bake was a new and wonderful thing for me. I found that it is something I truly love and have a passion for. So, I thought, that would be a great thing to do to make a little extra money. I can bake something and sell it on Etsy.

Then I started my in depth exploration of Etsy and what you can, or should I say can't, find. I wasn't too excited about cookies, cakes etc. I was worried about the freshness upon arrival, and there are SO many shops that do those things, and those shops are so amazing I didn't want to compete. :) The holidays were coming up, so I thought, I will try my hand at candy making.

My wonderful and supportive significant other was more than happy to be my taste tester, as he has a tremendous sweet tooth. I started with chocolate truffles. I had pretty good luck with them, but I have yet to get them a good size. I like to do things big, I am working on portion size.

My significant other gave me an amazing candy making book and I started to work my way through it. I wanted to make sure I enjoyed making candy before I started an online store.

I tried lollipops. Let's just say I need to work on that one. Hardened sugar is hard to clean off counters. Nougats were pretty easy to master, but with all the chocolate candies available on Etsy, I wanted to do something a little different and not so common.

That lead me to marshmallows and caramels. My step son loves marshmallows and eats them whenever he can have them. I really love making them. The flavors are limitless and I love watching them change from sugar to that actual mallow. Caramels are equally fun to make and I was able to come up with some great flavor options! The upside of these choices was there wasn't a ton of shops on Etsy selling them.

So, now that I had my product, I needed a name. Both items I would be making needed to be individually wrapped and both were sticky. The Sticky Wrapper was born.

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