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Monday, November 11, 2013

Hard to buy for???

My grandmother can not walk and doesn't leave her house. She doesn't have many interested outside sports. She doesn't like having pictures, knick knacks etc around her house.

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, we have bought her a food gift basket with meat and cheeses in it. Last year, she decided it was too much and threw it out, or gave it away. #SMH
I couldn't believe it. She doesn't eat much and that stuff lasts for a REALLY long time.

My mom called me to see about getting little things from other small businesses online. (YUP! I have converted my mom to shop small! )

This is what I am thinking for her gift basket.

Kahlua Spice Pecans

These look so good. I might make her share!!! I love this shop.

Crispy, sweet   Basil Parmesan Tomato slices - Gluten free - crust free Pizza

These look good, plus a little healthy. As my grandmother doesn't eat very well, I was thinking I could sneak a few vitamins in. LOL
Bison Tracks 4 oz. Resealable Bag

My grandmother has always loved game, so this would be a great treat for her!! It looks wonderful!

Toffee - your choice of flavor

Chocolate Ancho Chili Caramels

And since it IS my grandmother, I will throw in some of my own sweets. :)

Oh wait- I wanted to also get some fresh bread and something to put on it.....

9 Gourmet Mini Loaves - You Choose

A few different flavors that she can store in the fridge, OR even better - I can keep myself. :)

and to put on the bread....

8 oz Ginger Pecan Butter

Oh yea baby! I have been dying to try these (and her croutons) FOR EVER!!!

Now, I just have to present to my mom and see what she thinks. I kinda like it. But it IS my idea. HAHAHA

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