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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Question of Store Sites

It is FREEZING cold here - literally. I think it's like 26 degrees out right now. We are not used to it being that cold! Brrrrrrrr (I am sitting here shivering in 5 layers of clothes. - Yes, we have heat - trying to keep the bill in check, LOL)

I recently got a list of sites to sell and promote on that don't charge or have low fees. It took me a few days, but I got through the list. There weren't many that were appropriate for selling edibles.

I did sign up for a few, although my luck with new sites has not been good.

I signed up on

This was a blog type site with a market place. Unfortunately, the marketplace was shut down. Too much expensive is my understanding. :( The site itself is really cool though. Very attractive visually.

I was also on

I was excited for this site, as it was local with a lot of nice perks. Unfortunately, they switched formats, right as I reached the point I could use all the perks. They went from a goods marketplace to a service based marketplace.

I looked around

I like the pricing and layout. I don't really get a handmade feel from the site though. So, I am hesitant to set up my shop there.

I did find a really cool site for edibles. :)

It's pricey to sell on here and I am not sure how much traffic there is. I haven't been really pushing the site - as the seller fees are pretty high. The site concept is really cool though.

I know Etsy has it's issues, but aside from those. I like selling there. The fees are reasonable and my shop gets a fair amount of traffic.

I do need to check out Square Market place and I like They have a reasonable monthly fee. I hope to sign up there after the new year.

I know a lot of people use Artfire and Shopify :)

What say you all??? What site or sites do you prefer?

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