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Saturday, November 9, 2013


I am sure many of you small business owners use Facebook to help promote your shops. Facebook is free, everyone uses it, and it's everywhere. :)

I am feeling alittle like I am wasting my time with it lately. Posts just don't get seen. I have a lot of likes on my page.

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Sadly, I am lucky if I get more then 100 people to see anything I post.
Photo: A fun Autumn DIY gift 1 Fine Cookie created with Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning:  Caramel Apple Treats

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Apple picking is a tried and true autumn tradition and favorite pastime among many. However, each fall many of us are faced with the same problem of having too many apples and not enough 
uses for them. This year, instead of watching these crisp and tart fruits go to waste, why not create some fun gifts for the holidays. These DIY caramel apple treats make great gifts for the host of a party, your neighbors, teachers, family members and even your mail carrier. And I can guarantee that they will all gladly accept a basket of these delectable holiday treats. 
Take traditional caramel apple treats and toss some fun onto them. Coat them not only in your favorite toppings, but try a little popcorn and Kernel Season’s™ sweet popcorn seasonings, such as Milk Chocolate Caramel or Caramel to add an extra pop of flavor. 
- 1 cup light corn syrup 
- 3 cups sugar 
- 1 cup heavy cream 
- Apples 
- Popsicle sticks or sturdy skewers 
Possible Toppings 
- Almonds or other nuts 
- Mini peanut butter cups 
- Coconut flakes 
- Peanut butter or chocolate chips 
- Freshly popped popcorn like Kernel Season’s™ Premium Popping Corn 
- Kernel Season’s™ Popcorn Seasonings 
1. Combine sugar and corn syrup in a saucepan. Heat on stove at medium high until it is bubbling and has turned a golden brown hue, about 10-15 minutes. Remove from stove and allow to cool for a few minutes. Begin to slowly pour heavy cream into cooked sugar, whisking quickly until fully combined. 
2. Wash and dry apples. Stab a popsicle stick into each apple and dip into caramel once it has thickened. Roll into various toppings. 
3. Place apples in refrigerator immediately after dipping. If you find that the caramel is falling off of the apple, it may need to cool more. You can also pop apples in freezer immediately after dipping to strengthen caramel hold. Only leave it for a short period of time, as you do not want to completely freeze the apples or topping. 
4. Variation: A way to involve kids in this project is to slice up apples, fully submerge in caramel and lay down on aluminum foil.  Allow children to sprinkle and press whatever fun toppings they prefer onto caramel. These do not last as long, so if you would like to use the caramel apple slices as gifts, make as close to time of consumption as possible. Caramel apple slices are perfect as an afternoon snack; a food “decorating” project at holiday gatherings to busy little ones, and as gifts for children 
5. Once the caramel apples have hardened, place in cellophane treat bags and tie with ribbons. You can hand out each individually as a small gift or favor, or place them all into a basket for a wonderful gift basket. The caramel apple slices should be wrapped in parchment paper then given in a small candy box purchased at an arts and crafts store. Tie with baker’s twine. Remember to store apples in refrigerator until bestowing unto the recipient or eating. 
Some possible flavor combinations: 
• Triple caramel threat - Toss some popcorn with a little Kernel Season’s Caramel seasoning. Then, dip them into the caramel mixture and allow to cool on a sheet of aluminum foil. Dip apple in caramel and roll in caramel popcorn. Add some chocolate chips for a touch of color and variety in flavor. Chocoholics are missing out on this caramel gooey goodness! 
• Nutty peanut butter cups - Chop up mini peanut butter cups and mix with almonds or your favorite nuts. Dip apple in caramel then roll into nuts and cups. This version is a peanut butter lover’s dream. 
• Zagnuts Apple - Combine peanut butter chips and coconut flakes in a bowl. Dip apple and roll into mixture. The coconut adds a nice texture and pop of interesting flavor sure to please any foodie. 
• Milk Chocolate Popcorn Party - Revisit childhood with this milk chocolate and popcorn combination. Dip apples in caramel then roll into freshly popped plain popcorn. Then, shake on some Kernel Season’s Milk Chocolate Caramel seasoning.
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13 people? really???
Then, there are some posts that get a little more
Photo: The woman behind the caramels - in case anyone was curious ;)
157 people saw this post
Yes, that is my picture. 
  I do not see the pattern on why some post do better then others. I can stick the link in the comment and I get similar results. It's frustrating and a little crazy. I get they need to make money, but to switch things up so drastically???
So, I feel like my time would be better spent on other sites. I will spend more time on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and try to figure out Google Plus. :)
Does anyone have any words of  wisdom??? :)


  1. This happens on my page as well, usually between 40-60 people see each post, which isn't very many :( I don't post very often either. It's hard with how Facebook has decided to develop their site.

  2. Do you promote somewhere else?? What other sites do you use?